Windsor and surrounding area has seen incredible growth in the Real Estate Market over the past few years. This has resulted in price increases which has been discouraging to some buyers. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!

Price increase has it’s pros and cons. On one hand it is more challenging to secure a property and may result in lowering the expectations of what a first time home has to offer. On the other hand it has drastically reduced the likelihood of investing money in something that is not increasing in value.

A few years back the housing market was stagnant. The equity in a home was not increasing other than what was paid down from mortgage payments. Rest assured that now you have the opportunity to invest in a home which has a much greater change of appreciating in value at a quicker rate! Furthermore, comparatively to most cities in Canada, Windsor is still seen as inexpensive.

So do not give up on home ownership! Do not pay rent unless you have to! The first step is to talk to a good mortgage adviser to see what you are able to afford. Make sure you have a great real estate agent or even better, a team that puts your needs first. Call us! We would be happy to guide you through the entire process from the very start! We are here to help!

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