We appreciate the fact that purchasing a home is the single largest purchase your family will make. We feel that an educated buyer is one who has all of the information necessary to make a sound decision. The market has been active for a few years. We will continue to post real estate statistics on a monthly basis so you can have an idea of the current status of the market. The trend has seen upward movement with increasing home prices which can be initially challenging for first time home buyers but rest assured, once in a home, the statistics indicate it is a sound investment that will contribute to an increasing home owner’s net worth. On that note, here are the October 2018 statistics for Windsor and surrounding area.

Monthly( October 2018 as compared to October 2017)

  • market activity has increased from 692 units in October 2017 to 747 units in October 2018 representing a 7.95% increase
  • units sold has increased from 538 units in October 2017 to 567 units in October 2018 representing a 5.39 % increase
  • average increase in price of 21.82% from October 2017 to October 2018 from $255,672 up to an average price of $311,456

As you can see, the market is still active and the prices are still climbing. We do not think they will continue to increase at this rapid pace, however, we do not see any indication of the prices coming down to where they were in recent time. There are many good developments in Windsor and surrounding area including a still low average price compared to most areas of the country. We are proud to call the area our home! We would love the opportunity to work with you! If you do not already have an agent or agents, we invite you to call the MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PRODUCING HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM OF KIMBERLY MILLER AND ALAN SAAD OF MANOR WINDSOR REALTY DIRECTLY AT 519-560-1546.