Homeowners! Before you do those renos, identify what your goal is. Is it to increase the value of your home, or is it just for personal enjoyment? You can have both! Typically, a kitchen makeover or bathroom makeover will increase the value of your home while allowing you to have greater enjoyment. However, ripping out the flooring that you have to be replaced by new similar flooring might not make much of a difference to a prospective buyer unless it is in very poor condition An old roof that needs to be repaired may potentially discourage potential buyers if you are trying to sell.

What should you do? Contact your real estate agent before you do any renovations and trust their expertise in terms of what can be done to increase the value of your home for at least as much as you are spending on it. If you do not already have an agent, call us directly at 519-560-1546! We would be happy to help!